To Cologne!

Support the march for freedom on 7th of May 2011!

Liberals all over Europe notice the conditions of the freedom of opinion and assembly in Germany full of anxiety. As at the Counter-Islamization-Congress on 20th of September 2008, violent left-wing extremists threaten patriotic and islam-skeptic events all over Germany, while the police is not doing anything about it and the established politicians cheer.

The reason for that is a dangerous ideology called “Political Correctness”:  Islam-skeptic opinions, patriotic approaches to politics and any critique of the wrong immigration- and integration-policy are demonized or completely blocked. But the freedom of opinion and assembly is essential for a liberal democracy and a progressive society.

Without freedom of speech there is no democracy.

Without the right to criticize there is no progress.

Without patriotism there is no future for the peoples of Europe.

And this is worth standing up for it! It is worth demonstrating for it together with the German “pro-Bewegung” and friends from every corner of Europe. And for this purpose, nearly any city has a higher symbolic value as the long-standing cathedral city cologne. One of the birthplaces of the Christian occident is threatened by islamization, unfreedom and foreign infiltration.

Therefore, our plea to all liberals in Europe is: Come to cologne at the 7th of May 2011 and show your colour together with thousands of citizens at the march for freedom!

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