International mass demonstration under the slogan „March for Freedom“ announced for 7 May 2011 in Cologne (Germany):

Right-wing democrats from whole Europe protest against opinion dictatorship, spreading political correctness, exclusions, mental control and the creeping islamisation and foreignisation of Europe.

The Citizen Movements pro Cologne and pro North Rhine-Westphalia (German name „Bürgerbewegung pro Köln“ and „Bürgerbewegung pro NRW“) with the support of successful European right-wing democrats from Austria, Switzerland, Flanders, Sweden, Spain, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and also the Alliance of European Cities against Islamisation have announced a demonstration course through the city center of Cologne for 7 May 2011.

The demonstration, which starts highly symbolically at the Freedom of Deutz (part of Cologne at the right bank of the Rhine) and leads along the city center to Cologne Media Park, runs under the slogan „March for Freedom: Defending Democracy and Liberty of Opinion against the Henchmen of Political Correctness!“

It is important to defend the freedom in Cologne, Germany and whole Europe! Against the henchmen of political correctness! Against the worn out old parties and the affiliated media companies! Against the uncontrolled and dangerous islamisation of our cities!

The organisers take into account 2,000 participants at least from whole Europe. Leading politicians and members of parliament of various European liberal and right-wing democratical movements have signalled their readiness to participate on „the nonconform event of the year 2011″.

This demonstration of freedom is going to be mobilised for in whole Europe. The wealthy German-Swedish entrepreneur Patrik Brinkman has announced in the name of the Alliance of European Cities against Islamisation a strong support for the manifestation. Everywhere in Europe liberal and right-wing democratic movements and parties are increasing. Committed democrats are not impressed by defamation and exclusions. It is time that the wave of right-wing democratic successes reaches Germany. The left swing and the whateverism of the German conservative parties CDU and CSU under Cancellor Angela Merkel have left a huge vacuum right of them. It is time to support, with the German Pro Movement, a new, democratic and truly committed platform in the compliance of the Constitution to keep the distance from extremist right.

Pro Cologne parliamentary group chief and pro North Rhine-Westphalia politician Judith Wolter explains in connection with the demonstration: „In Cologne, the place of birth of the pro-movement, we are going to set an example for the freedom with a good publicity. We are sick of the politically correct henchmen who want to dictate the taboos. The liberty of opinion and assembly are essential parts of democracy.

„We are going to prove on 7 May 2011 that it is possible to organise a politically incorrect mass demonstration for the freedom in the heart of Cologne. We have chosen the city of Cologne for this mass demonstration because in the former times liberal Cologne the civil rights and liberties of right-wing democrats have been violated several times. There is almost no city where engaged and law-abiding democrats from the right must suffer such defamation, exclusion and demonisation. That happens in the city hall and also in the local mass media.

Nonconform critics of Cologne local politics are declared to be outlaws. But it is an open secret that in the established Cologne local politics the sidestepping of moral and rules is considered to be smart. The Cologne local politics is often deemed as a key to solve the own social question to the disadvantage of the tax payers. It is our central task to drain the swamp of Cologne local politics. Accepting advantage, patronage systems, lobbycracy, slush funds, contributions scandals and nepotism are not allowed to rule the Cologne local politics any longer. “



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